Sharpen Your Financial Skills By Joining a Talent Team

As a versatile financial company dedicated to providing clients with customized loan solutions, Maestro Capital Solutions has a talented team of brokers who are trained to meet the needs of business of all sizes. We are always looking to expand our team, but we do demand a certain standard of excellence from our brokers so we offer significant advantages for joining our referral and broker program. If you are a broker looking to enrich your career, consider becoming a member of our team.

Advantages We Offer

We know we demand a lot from our brokers, but we do reward hard work with many benefits. As a member of our brokering team, you will earn a commission on every transaction you broker, and we offer reciprocal referrals for repeat clients. We also provide upfront fee disclosure and prompt payments as a way of protecting our brokers. Furthermore, joining our team will give you the opportunity to work with a flexible financial company dedicated to enriching your career. The ability to work remotely will also provide you with a flexible schedule.

Qualities We Value

We believe that our brokers need to exhibit certain values to serve clients efficiently, so we look for a certain set of qualities within every applicant. In addition to comprehensive knowledge about the industry, we also want to see the following characteristics in our brokers.

  • Confidence: You believe you are capable of completing your assigned responsibilities.
  • Humor: You use well-placed humor to set clients at ease.
  • Friendliness: You have a wonderful personality that helps you connect with clients.
  • Motivation: You strive to complete your responsibilities quickly and efficiently.
  • Organization: You can complete tasks in the correct order without getting sidetracked.

Join Our Team

Maestro Capital Solutions would love to speak with you about joining our team if you are a broker with the qualities we are looking for. Contact us today to apply.