Get Money To Grow

Banks and credit unions can be choosy with their loans. Startups, small businesses, and companies whose fortunes swing with the economy may not meet traditional lending institution requirements. At Maestro Capital Solutions we help to fill that lending gap with a merchant cash advance. These loans are taken against your future credit card sales. This means that less-than-stellar credit is okay. If your company has been turned down for a loan elsewhere, give our merchant cash services a try.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

Maestro Capital Solutions specializes in helping businesses like yours find the money they need to grow. Advantages to working with us include:

  • We make loans for all credit cards, including MasterCard, AmEx, and Visa
  • No application fee, no closing costs, no fixed payments
  • No collateral required
  • Get your money in no more than seven days after approval
  • Amounts as large as $200,000 for each business location

Use this money for any business expense. Do you need new equipment? Could your office use a remodel? Advertising, purchasing inventory, and business expansion are all good reasons to add this financial tool to your business portfolio.

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