Harvard Business Review Tips for Management

When it comes to running a business, sometimes it helps to turn to the experts. By exploring the advice and input from professionals who have had a lot of experience in your chosen industry, you are giving yourself the opportunity to reach the level of success you desire. Recently, the Harvard Business Review provided some top-notch tips to managers looking to improve the way they run things. If you are hoping to get a bit more out of your management processes, look over this advice and learn more about what you need to do.

The First Half of the Day

One of the biggest bits of advice given out by the Harvard Business Review centers around daily productivity. The tip is to make sure you complete at least three tasks before noon. This is sound logic for a number of reasons. Studies show that people who get a lot done before noon are able to produce consistent results on a regular basis. However, failing to complete even one task before lunch can ensure the person does not get anything accomplished all day. Motivate your team to produce results in the morning and see how it changes your results.

Value Over Volume

Another tip given to management is to focus on value over volume. More often than not, people make the assumption that someone who can get a lot done in a short amount of time is of more value than someone who only gets one or two things done in the same amount of time. In truth, you could be receiving a high volume of low-quality work from your eager employee. By prioritizing value over volume, you are guaranteeing the work you are seeing has been thoroughly checked and verified in the appropriate ways.

Change Your Behaviors

Your personality impacts your team. When you have many people working for you who express issues with how you behave or handle yourself, the blame falls on you. A failure to change will lead to losing employees and an inability to find lasting team members. When people point out personality problems, you need to be serious about the claims and take time to address the concerns. This will help your team trust you and also allow you the chance to grow as a person and learn new ways of leading.

The tips given by the Harvard Business Review are a few pieces of valuable information that management can benefit from. Get a better idea of how you can change your own habits and see what difference it can make for the future of your company.

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